In Thermal Bahia Los Delfines You can also do water fitness

Between this different programs the aspects and Philisophies of land exercises are transferred to the water following gymnastics can be found here :


Cardio - water aerobics .


For example: activities such as " Cardio - Aerobics " . Is a method of aquatic movement implemented

by Colado (1996) , and in that , in addition to the aspects already mentioned , consists of

to be submerged up to chest height or and a continuous combination of hiking and classic races with other types of activities .

Leg movements , simultaneous

Arm movements , whereby a simple aerobic load is achieved , thanks to the

Use of large muscle groups


Aqua Building .


It is developed by addition Levas 1988 Procedure , which aims bodybuilding and body sculpting to practice in water ( based on the water resistance of the movement ) . This resistor and the associated execution speed of movement and the position of the joints. It is thus a method of progressive strength training with the peculiarity that the water prevented , compared to other methods of bodybuilding, fitness or rehabilitation , the simple and gentle training designed individually whether long , difficult and often painful . It can also be carried out as a strength training




Aqua stretching


For Cabello and Navacerrada ( 1997) " is the development of a number of

Techniques to stretch the muscles and to promote the mobility of joints in the water,

it benefits from the properties of massage and pressure .

It provides the means for a flattering stretch . The exercise of the

Agility training stretch different muscle groups

to improve its long-term flexibility . To develop programs aguastreching

one uses passive , active and PNF techniques ( for Neuromuscular Facilitation

Proprioceptive ) components .




It is the program in which it is immersed to the waist or chest travels in the water , as soon as possible to achieve so that kardiorespiratische benefits which are used arise so umeine overload the body .

The type of wandering should vary so , to ensure that all major muscle groups of the lower body can be used.

The muscles of the upper half body should also vary by the reciprocating motion of the arms.v



Water skiing .

Defined by Sova (1993 ) this activity is similar to the program watermanship, but performed with jumps .

Participants run through the water and thus the body raises partly in contrast to rafting and boating .

Your stride length varies compared to the water walking .



water aerobics


It is a program that Cardiorespiratory ( aerobic) , strength training and muscle building

Muscle to aerobic training ( Piget , 1991) combined .

With step aerobics . It consists of workouts that mimic test

Cardiopulmonary Fitness Harvard step test . Step training fills the

aerobic part of the session . Participants use the stairs to the pool or banks

heavy switching on and off of them to get rhythmically . Move vertically against

Gravity creates an intense aerobic exercises , standing on the ground

Body. This is a session with high intensity and low impact .



Water aerobics.


The action is in addition to water sports.

This method attempts to physical activities

Water Activities, all the features of their work adjustment

They dissolve and the addition of water (Brankart and Houpresse 1989 Lemoine,

1992). It is a program with regular domain or below the average of the

Students and directed to all kinds of people. adapted by gymnastic activities of the terrestrial environment to water are some guidelines that are designed to

Sports medical service transfers to the water supply. The latter program

applies an individual or collective leadership for students or healthy people

develop with some sort of change to different exercises in the water by

Types of work vertically and horizontally, material and without him (Daigneault,

1991 Ourlaouen, 1986). With Aerobic fitness is improved and

Exercises, the adaptability of different techniques is achieved

Swimming. It also brings a significant improvement in the recovery process

Injuries (Debergue, 1991). The students practice a specific muscle group

with a change of 15 to 60 repetitions and then go to a different muscle group.

Exercises to the upper and lower bodies are alternately usually

Exercise from the middle part of the body or torso (obliques and abdominals)

interspersed during the session. Students are usually

on the edge of the pool or held by aid material swimming

Auxiliary or without them.



GymSwin .


This is a new discipline the physical body condition, a method which was developed in the water and is composed of various disciplines as well as anaerobic autogenous training like jogging , judo , boxing , gymnastics, dance , swimming , stretching, yoga etc. swimming techniques with aerobic and combined water movements

The real secret is fine , in the diversity of exercises and the " triangle " , essential to the practice of the instrument GymSwin .





The aquaerobic programs aquabic or consist aqua music a series of aerobic activities in the water and accompanied by music. For its methodology, it is home to all kinds of people, including

those that are restricted in the country moving.

So Aquatic adapted stimulated with music and exercises to the different needs

You could say that is transferred to water aerobics.

This is mainly for Metode

Groups of adults and adolescents to good. Aquaerobic has several goals:

Development of body language and sense of rhythm and assimilation

Fitness, which improve physical properties and capabilities in the aquatic environment,

all in a relaxed atmosphere where all are fully integrated. It is an activity that people of any age, gender and the level in the aquatic environment, the

Place in shallow pool, but the deep part can also be used,

which are in water flowing (Gourlaquen and ROULEX, 1994; Cavicchioli,




Water Hip-Hop

It is a physical activity that is realized in shallow pools . Many participants dancing in hip-hop or rap style .