Many metal sulfates occur in nature in the form of minerals . By far the most common is calcium sulfate ( CaSO4 ) , which occurs in several kinds of Minerals.


Inorganic Sulfate

Inorganic sulfates are salts of sulfuric acid. They found in nature as plaster or gypsum ( calcium sulfate dihydrate CaSO4 · 2H 2 O ) , barite ( barium sulfate ) or sodium ( Na2SO4) sulfate . It is formed by oxidation of the sulphides of many elements , when it comes into contact with atmospheric oxygenv


Most of sulfates produced on a base and capable of producing in the oxygen atom in combination with sulfuric acid or by reaction of sulfuric acid with the metal, the transplants.



The applications of sulfates tend to vary widely , depending on the metal to which they are attached . And sodium sulfate , for example, is used in the manufacture of glass , as an additive in detergents, etc. of copper sulfate will be used in the manufacture of viscose according to a given method .

Gypsum and barite are used in construction and as additives in the manufacture of paper and paperboard. Barium sulfate is also used in medicine to contrast radiographs .

Sulfates are an essential part of a double salts such as alums general formula AB (SO4 ) 2 · 12 H2O , where A and B cations with charge 1 and 3 . The best known is the sodium alum with sodium and aluminum .



The soluble in precipitation sulfates in the presence of barium chloride in acid solution as well as barium ( BaSO4 ) called sulfate , is known as a white solid , it may also have a slightly rosane color .

reduced with metallic sodium is to sulfide ( Warning: very vigorous reaction ) and can be identified as such .


organic sulfates

Organic sulfates are sulfuric acid ester of the general formula R -O- SO2 -O- R ' . They can be made directly from the corresponding alcohol and sulfuric acid or sulfur , or from the alcohol and sulfuryl chloride ( Cl2SO2 ) in presence of a base .

The best known organic sulfate dimethyl sulfate ( CH3 ) 2SO4 used in some methylation reactions .