Bicarbonate of soda

Sodium comes as a natural mineral nahcolite ago in the United States . It usually occurs dispersed in oil shale and can then only be obtained as a byproduct of oil production . A mining particularly rich nahcolite Horizons is operated in the state of Colorado , the annual production in 2007 was at 93,440 tonnes .

Sodium bicarbonate is used mainly for the production of baking powder and effervescent powder. World production amount is 100,000-ton scale.

The compound will generally diverse applications:

  • In the food industry
  • Part of baking powder or leavening
  • Part of effervescent powders
  • In sports nutrition
  • with appropriate use and dosage in healthy, trained and not malnourished people can be assigned a positive effect on endurance for or likely viewed
  • In the medicine
  • for brushing teeth (soda or baking soda is contained in many toothpastes, especially in countries such as the USA), but not because of an often - but wrongly - assumed abrasive effect,
  • as a remedy for heartburn because of the neutralizing effect resulting in non-toxic reaction products (CO2 and water); is now considered obsolete (see antacid, proton pump inhibitors). NaHCO3 is nevertheless in many products used to treat heartburn and acid-related stomach problems included. For example, the bull-rich salt of 100% sodium bicarbonate. And much more.

The ability to neutralize acids by HCO3- is vital for the body.

In the stomach because of the active enzymes there an acidic environment must prevail, this is done by production vonChlorwasserstoff (HCl) to give, together with water of gastric juice (about 0.5-percent hydrochloric acid), derenpH value (fasted) to 1 may fall -1.5. The epithelial cells of the stomach wall, which would perish instantly at such a low pH, protecting themselves by delivering offset with HCO3- mucus. [33] penetration of H + ions of the hydrochloric acid in the mucous layer one, so they are and CO2 water neutralized. The CO2 escapes mostly through the esophagus.

In the small intestine, in turn, an alkaline environment is needed, since other enzymes take the cleavage of the nutrients. The change in the pH is in the duodenum by feeding the secretion rough and salivary gland, which among other things also - HCO3- contains - as given in the gastric mucus.

Bicarbonate HCO3- is the most important blood buffer to regulate the acid-base balance of the human being.