Open to public every day from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:30 to 19:00 pm.

Thermal water from volcanic source- for threatments of: Eczema, Psoriasis, Arthritis , Rheumatic illness, Treatment of burns, Skin cleaning, Acne, Stitches, Dermatitis

The relax , health, beauty and wellness experience is guaranteed, when you use all the features and advantages of this special water for your health and well-being in the Spa Bahia Los Delfines .


A paradise for relax and wellness experience


The Spa Bahia Los Delfines is the perfect choice to relax from daily life , you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday in a natural environment of Mazarrón .

A stunning location , a pleasant climate , comfortable facilities , activities for contact with nature , our volcanic hot springs in Balneario Bahia Los Delfines and our wellness program to foster their well -being .

Our facilities are designed to make your stay comfortable and pleasant as possible . We are located in close proximity to the beach un 2 km from Puerto de Mazarrón . In our Spa Bahía Los Delfines has a thermal pool with mineromedizinalem and volcanic water of 35 degrees original temperature . 

Health has become one of the most important issues of our company , as a result, there are many interests around the theme : personal care , improving quality of life , a healthy life , etc. There is no doubt that health will always be associated with the aquatic environment and this can be enjoyed at Spa Bahia Los Delfines in Puerto de Mazarrón .

But what are thermal springs ?

Hot springs in Spa Bahia Los Delfines are described in the report by the IGME March 18, 2004 as follows: Section 38.2 of the Regulation states that " hot springs are those whose formation temperature is higher ( at least four degrees Celsius ) than the annual average spot . the therapeutic power , proceeding from another IGME report of the same date to fully recommend public use .

The water in the thermal Bahia Los Delfines is located in a 27 meter deep underground cave and has about 35 degrees , and taking into account the annual average temperature of 20 degrees , our water is even hyperthermal .

And because mineral ?

Our waters of Spa Bahia Los Delfines are strong mineralization. Ie mineral exceed 1500 mg / L . Traditionally Medical Hydrology has classified mineral waters, overall mineralization and considering the dry residue at 180 ° C : Trace Minerals , if it is < 200 mg / L and Mediominerales , if the waste is between 200 and 1000 mg / L and Minerals if it is> 1000 mg / L . Royal Decree 1074/2002 of 18 October , establishing the process, distribution and sale of bottled drinking water is regulated , authorized to make the statement strong mineralisación when the dry residue is > 1500 mg / L